Sebastian Stoll

Full stack engineer and technical consultant


I'm Sebastian Stoll, a Danish freelance software enginner and entrepreneur, passionate about using the power of technology to build the solutions of tomorrow.

I'm mostly focused on taking technology down to a level where it's applicable for most people. Practically I've been doing that for the last +6 years by helping businesses save hours and man power by automating data flow between systems used within the companies, automating work flows and building web based applications and APIs for start-ups.

Programming languages and technologies

I build my web based applications in PHP (mostly Laravel), but I've been in touch with a lot of different languages, frameworks and technologies.

PHP, Python, Node.js

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript

Frameworks: Laravel (PHP), Lumen (PHP), React.js (JavaScript), Vue.js (JavaScript), jQuery (JavaScript)

Platforms/CMS: Shopify

Concepts/technologies: Blockchain, REST API, mm.

APIs: APIs typically follow the same concept, so which one often doesn't matter, but I've worked with Shopify, Google (most of their geo-APIs), Stripe, a lot of different accounting programs, ERP systems, SMS gateways and much more.


I'm primarily working out of my office in Randers, Denmark.

How I work

TLDR; I'm a freelance software developer, focusing on what I do best: programming. I have some regular collaborators for UI design, UX optimization etc., if needed.

I'm a semi-solo freelance software developer. A few times, I've been standing between growing an agency or keep running solo, and reject clients.

The reason I decided not to grow and agency, was because of the whisper game (where the sentence looses details for every person in the chain); when it comes to complex IT solutions as the ones I build for my clients, every step between the client and the developer, is like a person in the whisper game chain.

Long story short; my passion is to build scalable and rock solid solutions, so in order to ensure the highest quality, I knew an agency with project leaders, sales people etc. etc. wouldn't fit my principles.

It took me two years of experience and thoughts to come up with a concept where I could ensure the highest quality and best solutions while keeping project leaders out of the chain.

A (as far as possible) direct customer - developer relationship.

That's why I created Codefamily; a small-scale consulting agency, specialized in tailor-made programming.

There is a long story behind that name (even though it sounds quite generic), but the short story is: Code represents what we do; we're not experts in every field, but we're experts in coding strong solutions.

Family is because we're a small-scale consulting business; family is both externally and internally. For employees, the team feels like a family, and regarding the clients, they're supposed to feel like they're a member of a family too.

Since we're small-scale and have limited time and resources, we only work the clients we believe we're the right ones for.

No inquiry at Codefamily leaves empty handed. It's either a solution proposal, or a reference to another supplier, who we believe would be a good fit.

Where it all began

TLDR; Since age 11, I've been passionate about technology and programming. Combined with my creativity, my entrepreneurial focus is to use technology to create an easier, simpler and better tomorrow.

It all started back in 2008 where I got my first computer. I've always been creative, so when I got a computer, I started experimenting with whatever I could. I've always enjoyed making my own stuff.

I quickly began producing music in FL Studio, making graphic design in PhotoShop and also, of course, got my hands on an HTML course.

As the years went by, I stuck with graphic design and programming, and as 13 y/o I got under the wings of Danish entrepreneur who outsourced more and more work to me.

When I turned 14, I started my first business; an online platform to digitalize the catering market. I invested a fair amount of money, set up a team in Aarhus and learned my first lessons: bootstrap IT projects, work agile, and follow the MVP principle. The project failed and we eventually closed it down.

A few years later I teamed up with a highly skilled graphic designer from my hometown, and we created (probably) the first Shopify agency in Denmark. This partnership allowed me to focus on what I really loved: writing beautiful and rock solid code.


I'm a self-taught software developer. I started learning programming when I got my first computer at age 11, back in 2008.

As the years went by, I've been working with a lot of awesome developers, and in my field, you are never done.

Today, I spend most of my waken hours experimenting with new technologies (because I want to).